Jay teaches in a 6-prong approach: technique, reading, jazz, rock, Latin, and musicianship.

Jay teaches six days a week at five colleges. Additionally, he teaches at two private locations: at “Backbeats” and his home in Lehi.

His students include top professionals such as:

  • Stephen Lyman – Pro Freelancer
  • Mike Montoya – Disneyworld
  • Mike Henry – U. S. Air Force Band
  • Andrew Fockel – University of North Texas One O’clock Lab Band
  • Keith Gurnsey – Utah Symphony
  • Dave Osmond – Branson, Mo.
  • Pat Campbell – SLAJO
  • Mason Aesbacher – Samba Gringa
  • Mike Huestis – Vic Firth Clinician
  • Jared Morris – Timpanogos High
  • Rone Sparrow – West Point Band
  • Andrew Tolman – Imagine Dragons
  • Darren Bastian – Professor at UVU
  • Keven Myer – Synthesis
  • Derek Warren – Synthesis
  • Tim Fellow
  • Dave Buetler – Freelance Drummer
  • Mark Mattonen – Working Professional
  • Heath Wolf – PAS President
  • Austin Boothe
  • Andrew Wangeman, Julliard School scholarship student
  • Danny Chamberland, Instructor at Waterford Private School
  • Aaron Chavez
  • “Blacky” Kuroda, Tokyo Band Leader
  • Brandon Cummings – Synthesis
  • Jayden Bean – Ellis Hall, Red Light King
  • Albe Bonaci – Hollywood freelancer
  • Bart Olsen – Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband
  • and many more.


Payment Policies

Payments for lessons are a pro-rated tuition of $40.00 per half hour lesson, payable whether or not you can attend. If I miss a lesson, your credit will be forwarded to the following month. Payments are due at the first lesson of each month even if you do have credits. Just subtract your credit from the month’s payment. A late fee of $10.00 will be added for each week the tuition is late. You may mail your tuition to the address below if you are unable to pay in person. Please make the checks payable to LIJA Music. I regret that there are no make up time slots available. You may however trade lesson times with other students. Call me for phone numbers of time slots you want to trade into.

Lesson Procedures

Always bring your notebook to each lesson. The minimum daily practice required is whatever is necessary to accomplish your assignment! Please come into the drum room when it is your turn- I don’t always check my watch. Now that we have the heavy stuff out of the way-let’s have fun!


711 Hidden Manor Circle
Lehi, UT 84043
(801) 808-7184